Saturday, August 3, 2013

The 50/90 Podcast Show - Episode 21 - Ianuiarius Likes Some Tunes

In Episode 21 of the 50/90 Podcast T.C. plays songs that Ianuarius likes from the 50 Songs in 90 Days songwriting challenge, 2013 edition.

While in the unofficial 50/90 chatroom, T.C. asked Ianuarius to quickly give him "ten or so" songs he liked from the 50/90 site. And within in moments Ianuarius had listed seven and popped up the rest shortly thereafter. These are them. The first ones he gave me. No do overs. No editing. No, Oh, wait I listed two by Psy-T and I'd better replace one with someone else. It was done and done. So here you have it.

In this episode you will hear:

5090 Podcast Show Them Song by Jast

Staring Down My Battles by Deaf Steever
Pity The Fool by see-man-ski
Pearl's Lullaby (Part Two) by 1BKing
Toil Of War by Melody
Oars In The Water by Leslie Hudson
A Meditation On Medication by Calum Carlyle
Inside by Joshuwaaa
Please, Don't Shoot Me by LHCisco
A Marriage In Seven Parts by RC
My Bowed Heart by Melody
Dark Ritual by Ianuarius
5090 Podcast Show Theme Song by Jast

For the latest and greatest, interesting and entertaining snippets on fiftyninety, this is where you need to be. Actually, T.C. is probably just playing songs from the 50 Songs in 90 Days songwriting challenge. So if you want more information about the hundreds of participants or the thousands of songs you might want to head on over there.

Listen to the mp3

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