Friday, August 10, 2012

Episode 12 - FAWMstock III

In this episode T.C. plays songs written at FAWMstock III in Dodgeville, WI over the weekend of August 3rd.

In this episode you'll hear:

Episode 12 Intro Jingle by T.C. Elliott
Happy by Adam Hill, Sarah K, and Negasi
Treading Slow by Unpronounceable and Sarah K
New Skin by Eric Distad, Rita Witter, Sarah K, Shoepixe and Nancy Rost
As The Light Fades by Adam Hill, Nancy Rost and T.C. Elliott
An interview with Mark L Berry and Alison Leston
Ignite by Shoepixie and Rita Witter
Ignite by Burr Settles
Ignite by John Crossman and T.C. Elliott
Ignite by Unpronounceable
Episode 12 Outro Jingle by T.C. Elliott

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