Saturday, August 18, 2012

FenderTele71 and Jonnie Grunge Take Control - Episode 13

FenderTele71 and Jonnie Grunge take the controls and and play some great new music from the 50 Songs in 90 Days songwriting challenge.

In this episode you'll hear:

  1. Fendertele71 and JonnieGrunge – Podcast Jingle
  2. Deaf Steever – Mosquito Blues 
  3. Mike Skliar and Hoops – Oh Mr Marley (Don’t LikeReggae) 
  4. Wyatt and Kiwafruit – On a Faerie Boat (LoveAfloat) 
  5. Melody – Petri Dish 
  6. Chasing Andromeda – In Command 
  7. Fendertele71 and JonnieGrunge – Corprolalia (Live) (non-5090 track)
  8. Desiree – The Adventures of Pony the Horse 
  9. Airbagtester – Monkey Mind 
  10. Das Binky and Valerie Cox – Daisy Rock DeathMatch 
  11. Sapient and DuaneClancy – On the Dragonships We Ride
  12. Ianaurius – Mountain Song 
  13. Accio Haaley – Cold Outside 
  14. angelinapowersuit - Making Mud Pies 
  15. FenderTele71 and JonnieGrunge – We Can’t Play

For the latest and greatest, interesting and entertaining snippets relating to the 50/90 challenge, this is where you need to be.

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Kahiwa Balfour said...

Hilarious! Great job guys :D

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